Sunday, December 25, 2005

Secrete Santa. Bleed Santa.

I'm supposed to write what we got everyone this year, but I think I'll let Lind-z write stuff instead.

Take it...

So, to start off. This Christmas gala has been quite splendid, BUT i am damn tired. Maybe we should have stopped after the second hour of playing that new Harry Potter trivia game Rickina (new name given to Ricky by my sister Chelsey) from his Secret Santa. The Secret Santa thing turned out to be fun and surprising. Anyways, the food brought was scrumptious as usual. We had a mix of asian food and not asian food. [Rickina loves Simple Plan] We also ate cake, in celebration of my aunt's bday. The ham, however, was delicious. After eating, we played with Rickina's new game, which was VERY entertaining. There was much time spent on movie watching. We saw War of the Worlds (some parts TWICE), Batman, and now Pirates of the Caribbean. [Rickina stapled his finger while watching the old, fat lady who-delivers-the-mail pass by at work] Finally, as the clock hit midnight, we rounded up our family for the traditional picture taking, a time of impatience and unwanted cuss words. This year we decided to be on the smart side by using only ONE camera and having that unfortunate person email EVERYONE a copy of the picture. [Rickina is scared of pigeons with no fingernails] And then after pictures, it was time for PRESENTS!!! Rickina probably would have put on here how he received a gift that he had wanted for a while. It's OPERATION (SIMPSONS STYLE). It was fun watching everyone concentrate really hard just to get that small hammer toe or pea brain without setting off the guy's nose. However, the night came to an end as all the tired people left. Rickina and his family are sleeping over because...i don't know. We warned them already that my sisters and I recently bought bright nail polish. I personally think that Rickina would look swell with bubblegum pink nails. [Rickina ate too much ice cream that he had gas the whole night and had to make numerous stops to the bathroom] Timoteo already warned us long ago to never put nail polish after our first incident. When my sisters and I were younger, we put nail polish on Timoteo's nails while he was sleeping. Then we placed one of our most prized Barbies next to him. I don't know what the Barbie was for, but it seemed funny at the time. Anyways, so now it's almost two and I am in some need of sleep. Hopefully tomorrow Rickina will prepare the crepes that he and I set up today. I guess we forgot to make them today with the craze going on today. O ya. Our cousins, such as K-mart, brought their new puppies. They are adorable. There are two of them, one being a boy named Frankie and one being a girl named Angel. K-mart originally wanted the names to be Luke and Leah, which would have been cute. Anyways, this whole blog thing is getting too long and most of your readers are probably bored of hearing my perspective of the day. So I shall end here and leave the rest for Rickina to type. Maybe he'll read what i wrote and delete it all for his readers' sakes. And if you are wondering why there are little comments in these [], they are put there to see if Rickina would find them. Anyways, I am finished. Tonight was a good night. Well toodles for now!
O ya.. below is what my cousin Sean wrote. He's quite the funny one isn't he....
This is s-dawg and im think lin-z is nuts!!!

Also, I don't get Rickina's title at the top. I think he should explain below...

I don't know what's written above, but the real title of this blog should be "Secret Santa; Secret Blogger." It's very late right now. So instead of reading the draft Lind-z wrote, I'll just trust that she's not calling me anything floopy.

Guest bloggers rock,