Saturday, April 22, 2006

New York Minute

It's freakin' wet here. Wet. And my socks are soaked to the bone. Bone.

It's a rocky start for our New York getaway as it's raining pretty hard for the weekend and we're getting lost at times. Firstly, unlike the last two times I've stayed with Ellvin Kelvin, his new apartment is nowhere near a subway station. It's pretty much off of Times Square, but about 4 freakishly l-o-n-g blocks away. So without a map and no real sense of direction, we wandered Manhattan until our shoes were soaked through, our socks damp, and our jeans also very moistly disgusting.

We tried to win lottery tickets to Avenue Q, but failed miserably. We overpaid for the Wedding Singer show... big time. We tried to snap a picture of Julia Roberts as she exited her show. I caught a glimpse (she's very tiny), but with all the pushing star-starved crapples around, we couldn't get the picture (though I think Samantha Wu got the back of her head which looks like a black ink blob in the photo).

And to start things off, the plane flight was pretty bad. The stewardesses weren't that friendly; the cabin got very very warm and muggy; the chairs were uncomfortable; and I let out a enormous snort that shook the cabin like a dawg.

But anyway, hopefully the rain will clear up, our luck will change, and we'll just have a damn fun time because as of right now, this really isn't the way I envisioned this vacation.