Sunday, May 21, 2006

Who Gives a Duty?

Next week, I pay my debt to our fantastic cuntry (what spelling error?) by going to jury duty. This is my third time being summoned and thus far, I've never been selected for a trial.

The first time I received that dreaded pinkish court paper, I was a college student and stupidly enough, they asked me to show up during summer sessions. I thought I was for sure off the hook, being able to just cite that I'm a full-time student. But when I called to be dismissed, the jury duty guy said "Okay you have school. When is your next break?"

I went to the courthouse and sat for 8 hours as they called just about everyone to the jury stand. Finally at the end of the day, after so many dismissals, I was one of the few never called up to be questioned. And that was that. I was off the hook.

The second time I was summoned, my group number was never chosen to go in. So that was nice.

I'm hoping the same thing happens this time around. However if it doesn't and I have to serve, it's okay because I'll get paid for jury duty ($15/day!) and for my regular day job. Every little bit helps toward the purchase of Timotei's and my house... but I shouldn't say too much about that right now, as nothing's final at this point. More to follow down the road.

Fingers crossed,