Saturday, July 22, 2006


I've been completely obsessed in the past few days with a Japanese import game called Osu! Tatakae! Ouendan. This rhythm action game is translated to Go! Fight! Cheer Squad. But it ain't no cheerleading sissy game. This game is rocking my freakin' socks off. You basically tap around the touch screen to the beat of a song and depending how well you do, the story being told on the top screen changes good or bad. Maybe I'll post a video of it one day when I figure out that You Tube thing.

Thus explains my absence, sort of. We also didn't have internet for a while because our service provider sucks noodles.

But really, there hasn't been much going around, as always. I mean, between work and games and trying to stay cool in this global warming epidemic, yeah... nothing.

Though I have been spending entirely too much money lately. Speaking of games, I bought a Mahjong game for the DS which plays by Japanese rules (which is infuriating), the cheer squad game mentioned above for $50, Bleach: Heat the Soul 3 for PSP for Timotei's and my commuting buddy's birthday, tickets to upcoming shows (more on this later), books off Amazon, a new iPod shuffle and Airport Express, and more food than I can store on my waist. So I think I need to just cut back on buying junk. However, come September, there's a plethora of stuff I am going to have to buy, so... if you need to borrow money, hit me up now.

And speaking of upcoming shows, a popular show was recently announced coming to Los Angeles and as soon as I heard, I put in a giant group order. The theater called me back and said that I was the fourth person to be accomodated for tickets and set me up with some premo seats (and also some not so premo). But as soon as I get my order in place and seats confirmed, I'll share the news (and way of distributing these nice seats). This purchase is gonna hit my credit card hard. So yeah, forget about that whole "borrowing money" thing I said earlier.

Well then, until next month, so it seems. I still have to get that picture of me up for the July 5th anniversary blog. Some tradition that was.

Happy birthday Lee Leman!

Growing money on trees,

Forgetful Ricky... whose tastes are so damn picky.