Saturday, October 27, 2007


Today was a big day!

We have been searching for a house to invest in (and move into) for the past year or so; maybe even longer. After working for a couple of ears and by still living with the folks, Timotei and I have been able to save enough for a down payment on a house.

We had first looked at a bunch of new developments in Corona, but decided it was way too far out. We put the housing search on the back burner for a long time and just recently got back to looking (after the housing market crashed).

We scoured Chino and found our dream house. It was gorgeous and within our price range. The only caveat was that it was right next to a small privately owned airport and a block from a correctional facility (jail). The house was so perfect, though, that we were able to overlook those small badalities. Of course there were other things like a big association fee for a small "Olympic" sized pool. An hour after we fell in love with the house, we went back to put down a deposit and found that someone else had bought the house. The spell that the house placed on us faded and we realized that we were compromising a lot for this house. So we saw this as a sign and decided to look elsewhere.

Ten minutes down from the Chino house, we found ourselves again in Corona. And lo-and-behold, we found a place we really love and jumped to buy it before it was taken. It comes in cheaper than the other house, away from airports and prisons, and no stinkin' association fees!

So here I am, 26 and a homeowner. Though we won't be able to move in till early next year, we could sure use some furniture. Anyone willing to donate?

More to come soon,