Monday, October 15, 2007

HalloweenTime Flies

Just yesterday, I started thinking about my costume for Halloween. But I put that planning aside because I had months to throw something together. Oh wait, that's right... it only feels like yesterday. It was back in February to this date that I began planning my Halloween 2007 costume. At the time I had just finished playing Hotel Dusk: Room 215 and wanted to be the main character Kyle Hyde. I grew out my bangs (I hadn't had bangs since high school!) and worked on my eyebrow movements. But the thing that made the character was the jacket.

I looked around and tried to find the exact jacket, but failed. Nowhere did I find a pleather jacket with a racing stripe down the shoulders and arms. And honestly, I couldn't stand the bangs! So I gave up early.

Now, it's two weeks before the big day and I am scrambling for a costume! It always happens this way.

I saw this costume in a Party City ad. It seems perfect.

I mean check out the detail! It's obviously Jack Bauer. No denying it! Take a look at what this guy looked like before the costume...

The costume is just magnificent! It's a total transformation. And scarily uncanny. I need this costume.

Okay, maybe not. This year I am cheating a little. Remember two years ago when I dressed as a Chimney Sweep? It was my greatest costume since the 2nd grade when I popped two holes out of a bedsheet and called myself a ghost. Well, I am going to take a step in that same direction and be... a Newsie!

That's right friends. I will once again don my Sweep hat, but this time with a striped shirt and vest, and become filthy, stinkin' Jack Kelly. Or maybe even the one with the crutch.

But don't think I'm gonna be prancing around singing about Santa Fe. No. I'm just going to be hawkin' paps on the corner, earnin' mah keep.

I'll have pictures when the costume is complete.

Till then, safe hauntings!

Carryin' da banner,

Jack Ricky