Tuesday, October 02, 2007

The Long and Winding Road: Part Finalmente

Okay, let's stick a fork in this and end it. It's October and I'd like to just get this done and over with so I can move on to more random elements.

So on the next day where the skies were so overcast we couldn't even see the Rocky Mountains, we drove into Denver and wondered what the hell there was to do there. I dropped a line to my coworker and asked her to find a few things.

A few minutes later, she came through with a list that included the Denver Zoo, a Six Flags theme park, a botanic garden, the governor's mansion, and a couple of churches. So basically, she confirmed that there's nothing interesting to see.

We got to the hotel at around 11am. It was an old Days Inn going through an ownership transition... and it showed. This hotel was absolutely filthy! The carpets were disgusting, the lobby smelled of the sawdust sprinkled over fresh vomit, the curtains had red blood(?) on it, and the bathrooms were unscrubbed. To this date, it's the worst hotel I've ever stayed at. I'll never complain about Circus Circus again.

But before they would even check us in, we found a Famous Dave's barbecue joint and dined in. My co-worker Santa Monica lives near one and frequents Famous Dave's and always raves about the barbecue and cornbread. I would staunchly counter with "Lucille's rules!" Not terribly creative, but it effectively put her in her place. But MAN WAS I WRONG! I was pwned! I got servedorxxrrxx1111!!11!!!

Famous Dave's is much better than Lucille's. And their cornbread (coming from someone who isn't big on cornbread) was to friggin' dye for! I would go hippie-riffic for these breadly treats.

And after that we went and saw a baseball game at Coors Field. Sat in Mile High seats. One of the teams won.

And then we stayed the night and drove to Vegas for 12 hours. I played the Wheel of Fortune slots and won $60 immediately. Then won another $20. I cashed out. Then I turned a useless $5 into a beautiful busty $20 on the digital roulette wheel. We ate at Chinatown and went home.

Check out our Route on this map. It be coo.

Finally I'm finished. Worst write up ever.