Saturday, January 19, 2008

Monster Bash

Ever since that teaser trailer hit with the Transformers movie, I'd been dying to see CLoverfield. I did a ton of research on the movie and got caught in the hype and I'll just say that it lived up to it!

This movie is relentless in its execution, creating very scary moments that the audience can feel. A shot of the monster headed in the camera's direction and then just the sound of it approaching is chilling. This was the most fun I've ever had watching a monster movie.

It's amazing how well the special effects are done. There is so much destruction. The scope of the movie is huge. The video camera work is extremely convincing. And the action sequences that the producers planned out are incredibly creative. There's even an ingenious device in place to incorporate flashbacks into the movie.

I loved it. Now I consider myself a Blair Witch Project fan (or maybe apologist), but really, I was only a fan of the idea. There are three parts of that movie that I can say I enjoy: the beginning interviews on the Blair Witch, the laughing children scene, and the creepy ending image. But not much at all happens in that movie.

By contrast, Cloverfield is a Blair Witch movie, but stuff actually happens. This movie is short, but doesn't feel too short because it is one hell of a ride.

In other news, I'm headed off to Vegas today for my former boss's boss's retirement hoopla. Gonna see the Cirque show LOVE tonight!

And gamble!