Saturday, April 05, 2008

The Housing Development

Okay, so you probably guessed that my last blog entry was an April Fools gag. A poorly executed one at that. Our loan didn't fall through. It's actually perfectly processing right now and just needs one more thing for final approval. We've also locked in our loan rate.

But not all is happy-go-lucky on this house-buying venture. It's a lot of pressure getting the best deal. And as if paying for a house isn't a big enough deal, you have to make sure it's built correctly! And as of now, to me, it looks like since our house is one of the few that's already sold, the builders aren't being as careful with it. We've got a lot of cracking in the stucco, our flooring isn't cut straight, and a shattered step in our stairway wasn't fixed before carpeting over. This shotty work is really pissing me off. All I'm saying is that the house better be to our high standards or heads will roll at Centex.

Hopefully things will go smoothly. If they don't, I don't know what.

Chicken butt,