Monday, May 05, 2008

Hard Work Ahead

And we thought the hard part was over.

We just spent the entire weekend working on the new house. But if you think we got a ton of things accomplished... think again. We took three days to seal the tile. And even so, we didn't finish. It's an arduous chore to spread the glue-like sealer in the grout and on the tile. It sucks!

But we'll get that done this Saturday, while at the same time prepping for paint! I finally settled on paint colors and I'm extremely excited to see how it turns out. I stayed pretty neutral with more muted greens and blues. We'll see how it goes. This Saturday, we have family coming down to help paint. And I guess we'll get pizza or something. Should be fun.

Speaking of fun, I am getting my eyes laser beamed! At last, I will be shedding my heavy coke-bottle glasses and suffocating contact lenses and getting my eyes reshaped PRK-style. A second opinion recommended that I do NOT do the flap procedure. That's fine by me. That is the part of the procedure that I am most afeared of.

So, by the end of the month, the plan is to have corrected vision. I hope everything goes swimmingly.

Keep you posted,