Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Bypass Bypass Bypass

It was quite a week last week for us, but especially for the Martini family. The Debster had a heart attack.

Let me assure you that she is all right and doing well. But not without having an awful week in the hospital.

She had apparently been having some chest pains for a few days and had been carrying some aspirin just in case. When she found that she could not walk at work without stopping after ever few steps to grasp her chest, she... well... she worked a 15 hour day. The pains had subsided. But on her drive home, the pains got worse. She took an aspirin and had a family member drive her to the hospital.

So after undergoing many tests, it was discovered that her arteries were very much blocked and she needed an emergency triple bypass open heart surgery. Yipes!

The procedure took around 4 hours. She spent 1 or 2 days in the Critical Care Unit and was released after she was able to produce a bowel movement on her own. Yippee!

She's home now, but on a long road to recovery. She's also a changed woman. I believe she has given up red meat in exchange for red fruits. It's all about apples and pomegranate juice.

We're so glad that she is safe and well now. Here's hoping that this episode motivates others in my family to partake in more exercise and healthful eating habits.