Wednesday, December 03, 2008

The Nose Knows Zit

Have you ever had a zit grow inside your nose?

I hadn't either. Just checking. Because it's gross.

BAH, who am I kidding? I created this blog entry because I got the most peculiar zit growing on the inside of my nose. Very peculiar in fact that it makes it impossible to pick boogers from my right nostril, which is fine by me because I never ever pick my nose. Ever.

For real. I nevers.

Why are my nostrils so ginormous then, you ask? Genetics. Seriously, my nostrils are so big, a group of spelunkers can go spelunking in them.

Speaking of spelunking, I'm so good at segues, we got free movie channels this past Thanksgiving weekend (and in fact we STILL have them!) and we watched a movie called The Descent. It is about 6 women who go cave exploring and then get caved in and these cave monsters that see like cave bats kill them in the cave. It was very very good until the ending which SUCKED.

Realizing that this would probably have worked better as a "Random Nation" post,