Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Super-Size Three

Originally I was going to write three separate entries for the very different stories that I've accumulated over the past four days, but I just don't have the time nor patience for that. So one combined blog is what you gonna get!

--My Last RENT!--
I've lost count of how many times I've seen the show RENT. It had to be at least ten. But when I caught word that the original Mark and Roger would reprise their roles for a final national Broadway Tour, I had to get tickets. And so I contacted group sales on the very first day they became available and reserved 52 seats in the front mezzanine of the Pantages. In the end, I was only able to fill 35 seats (and relinquished the rest). The show became sold out! It was a very hot ticket event and I should have scalped them like mad!

The show was this past Sunday evening. So how was it? It was a great last show to watch, definitely! Anthony Rapp (Mark) is the best Mark ever. His youthful enthusiasm is awe inspiring. And then Adam Pascal (Roger) has the best singing voice for Roger. No one sounds better than him, bar none. But I was disappointed. He seemed like just a voice. He seemed to have phoned it in. I've seen way better Rogers play the role with fire and intensity. Pascal was stiff and nonreactionary. I later learned that in an earlier city, he had a herniated disc which explains what we saw. Still though, it was a great show, brilliant to see, and a high note to end things on. The best part of the night was Pascal singing "One Song Glory" and near the end, he hit this note higher than usual. It was amazing!

--Hawt Wing Men!--
Tuesday evening brought about finally satisfying my hot wing craving at Hooters! All-you-can-eat wings and trivia night! Mr. Mikey, Timotei, and I went after work and when the night was over, we had a total of 88 wings under our belts! I personally had 27 wings.

During their trivia challenge, we didn't know the answers to the questions, so we just had fun creating our team names. During the first round, we were Stunlaw (our old Rock Band band name); second round we became Rack Bauer (named after the female equivalent of Jack Bauer on this season of 24); round three we were Snoo-Snoo (named for the Amazon Women's favorite activity in Futurama). And in that third round, Snoo-Snoo tied for first place and Mr. Mikey went up to the front for a tie breaker, but lost.

All-in-all, I never want to see another chicken wing again. And a fun night.

--Gopher the Jugular!--
We thought our gopher woes were over after I bought an electronic sonar gopher detractor. It seemed to be working perfectly after all the gophers left and the mounds on our lawn leveled off. But then we came home last week to find mounds of dirt all around the sonar stick. The gopher is either deaf or the thing doesn't work.

There were two fresh holes. Looking down on one of them, I saw the little devil peek upward and retreat back down. It was actually kind of cute and cuddly. I sprinkled gopher killer pellets down the hole in hopes to kill it.

Cut to today. We returned from work and found a fresh hole carved in the middle of our lawn. Having had enough, we shoved a hose down the hole and pumped that little shit's habitat full of water. As the hole topped out with water, we knew he'd have to come up for air sooner or-- THERE HE IS!

An ugly soaking wet, skinny head popped out of the previously dug hole. It had nasty beady eyes and resembled a squirrel crawling with disease; no more cute and cuddly.

The website I visited said to keep a shovel handy and whack it once it reared its ugly head. I couldn't do it though! So Timotei took a swing, but the little bugger dropped back into the hole just as the shovel came down on it and then immediately back up. Comically like a Whack-a-Mole game, Timotei continued to hammer down, but no luck! Finally, Timotei took a stab at its head in an attempt to guillotine it to death and the thing didn't pop back up.

So assuming it was dead, we shoveled the mounds of dirt back into the holes. But alluva sudden, I noticed the beady eyes under a previously unseen hole under a tuft of grass! Timotei dropped the hammer one last time and we never saw those eyes again.

Hopefully it's dead. This weekend we will dig up the entire area in an attempt to fill in the underground burrows so that no other squirrel-looking squatters move in. If it's not dead, we'll flood that home one more time, but this time, with my dad's help who has experience whacking gophers. We will reclaim our lawn.

Glad to be done with this,