Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Always The Groomsman...

Sweet cheeks! Ellvin Kelvin asked me to be a groomsman in his wedding! And he asked me all funky. Case in point:

Ellvin Kelvin: it would be an honor to have both you and [Timotei] as one of my groomsmen

To which I responded:

RickyRoutes: How does that work?

To which he went on to tell me what a groomsman does.

Obviously I know what a groomsman does, but for a second, I thought he had one groomsman position open and he wanted both me and Timotei to fill it. I imagined both of us taking one arm each of a single bridesmaid and walking down the aisle in a sort of formal dressed ménage à trois.

But alas, he meant that both of us would be groomsmen -- which is sweet as heck!!!

I'm super psyched! Should make for a really fun time!

Dressed to kill,