Wednesday, February 25, 2009


I wanted to post something, but there's nothing to talk about. I guess I could break to you how much I am in need of a vacation! You see, at work, I've been made head of the international front for my division. It's not really a promotion or anything; I had always been sort of the point person for the international stuff, but now it's just official. So no pay raise or anything; just more responsibilities, work, and stress. All of which do not help pass time quickly when counting down to Orlando 2009!

Have I mentioned Orlando 2009? Typically a trip out to Florida would be called simply Walt Disney World (insert year). But this year we're doing more than just Walt Disney World. No ma'am! We're also doing Universal Studios Orlando!!! That means Islands of Adventure baby! That means Men in Black The Ride! That means 10 years of wanting to ride Spiderman--- finally fulfilled FTW!

But this trip isn't just introducing one new aspect to the tired old formula. No siree! We're also adding Typhoon Lagoon (water park) to the itinerary! And to sweeten the already sickeningly saccharine sweet plan, we're also miniature golfing and very possibly motor boat cruising! There are just too many things to do with such precious little time.

This is the mother of all trips. And to have my two bestest friends in the entire world with me... I'm just the happiest luckiest person in the world.

Oh, by the way, the trip is in late April.

Arguing the validity of the word "bestest,"