Friday, February 20, 2009

Line Etiquette

The nerve of some people.

Have you ever shopped in a Burlington Coat Factory? It's like shopping at a Ross after a tornado piles more shit on the inventory already scattered on the floor.

Huge **CLEARANCE** signs drew me to the racks. I thumbed through the supposed Small and Medium racks, through misplaced XXL and XXXL sizes, and found (after all was said and done) one shirt.

It was a yellow Bayside Tigers school spirit shirt for $5. Perfectly odd for the Orlando trip coming in exactly two months time.

So I jumped in the checkout line. The one and only check out lane that was open. Six people stood in front of me and the clerk was painfully slow.

While waiting in line, I overhear two fat gangsta Mexicans behind me holding piles of clothes. One discusses his desire to buy a big bottle of Burberry cologne. The bottle is behind glass.

A lady heads with her paid-for items toward the exit, turns around, and says "There's a register with NO WAIT diagonally from here."

I take the bait and walk to the other check-out counter, but the fat Mexicans cut me off and beat me there.

So let me draw a picture for you. Two fat Mexicans carrying oversized baggy sweaters to purchase. Me, holding one shirt, worth five bucks, ready to pay with cash. Maybe I have too much faith in humanity, but I half expected them to let me go first since I was ready with my money and only had one dinky shirt.

But nope!!! Fat man #1 went first and the clerk was just as slow as the first one. Then the second fatty checks his items out, takes forever, and then has the gall to ask for the bottle of cologne too! She says that he has to get someone to open the glass case and bring it to her so she can scan it. He LEAVES THE LINE and the clerk slowly finishes scanning his other items, bags them, and waits.

It wasn't till I LOUDLY sighed in displeasure that she cleared the fatty's transaction and rang me up. Fucking people.

But all in all, the shirt was worth it. Plus I got to reaffirm my hatred of fat gangstas.

Hearing the Bayside Tigers growl,