Monday, April 13, 2009

Hair Spay

I'm thinking that that title is borderline clever. When an animal is spayed, ovaries and somethingerrather are cut. So... hair spay... cut... hair cut... but like hairspray... without the R.

Let's move on.

So I'm getting a haircut after growing out my hair for a couple of months. It was all in preps for the big Orlando Getaway. The plan was always for Erico Suave's stylist-to-the-stars friend to style my hair. I'm hoping to just walk in and let him do whatever he wants with my hair. I've never known what my hair was meant to look like. I've always just kept it short because of my acne. But lately, acne hasn't been that big of an issue and with my hair so long right now, I'm sort of digging it. It's kinda shaggy, as is the style right now. And all I do is plop a hat on it in the morning and go!

So here's the before... and we'll see what happens on Saturday!

Like zoinks!