Thursday, May 14, 2009

As Far As I'm Concerned, 2009 is Over

Sure... Ellvin Kelvin's getting married later this year and all which by all accounts should mark the single most important event of this year. The reason I say 2009 is over for me is because LOST finished off their season last night! And they ended it with a giant white screen and "WTF" faces on everyone! We have to wait till 2010 to learn what happens next! My god. Half this year isn't even done yet.

Fortunately the rest of the year should fly by quick. Next week we begin Early Friday hours which carries us through Labor Day. We've got the New York trip for Ellvin Kelvin's wedding in August and then the Taiwan trip in October. In August, I'd like to go to Vegas with my Walt Disney World Friends!

So with many things to look forward to, LOST should be right around the corner.

I'm currently watching Game 6 of Lakers vs. Rockets. Hope we close it out today!

Seeking Jacob,