Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Laker Fever

I guess one could classify me as a bandwagon fan of the Lakers, though I like to believe I've always been a fan, just moreso under playoff circumstances. During the regular season of the season, there aren't real big stakes involved, so it's hard for me to get into the game.

But OH, come playoff time, I am a fired up fanatic. And I'm going to tell you now that Twitter has made me even more diehard. I started following some people who were making comments on Twitter during the games. I started doing the same and soon they would also follow me. Now, I have this weird Laker Twitter family and each game we watch and comment. I'm learning more about how to describe plays, more about each player, and slang terms in basketball that I'd never heard of. It's making me a better person.

So now I'm obnoxious during the games and I really want to charge things up at a live game at Staples. When they make the finals, I'm thinking of getting tickets to one of the home games. It'll be expensive, but should be totally worth the experience.

I drew this picture for the game today; Lakers vs. Nuggets. It depicts Birdman falling prey to Black Mamba!

I'm just pissed at Birdman because people at work were calling me that on account of my faux-hawk look. That ugly bastard ruins everything.