Saturday, May 02, 2009

The Walt Disney World Twitterstravaganza

Otherwise known as the lazy way of posting a trip report... During the big Walt Disney World Orlando vacation, I Live tweeted the entire time. But because I had exhausted ~220 of my allotted 250 text messages prior to the trip, I had only a limited supply to post updates. Below is what was aired Live for the world to see.

P.S. I will also be posting some additional photos never before seen at another time.

Jebus. I fell asleep at 9pm and am fully awake right now. Still 8 hours till the flight. #WaltDisneyWorld updates begin in 16 hours.

WDW in less than 7 hours. Can't sleep!

At my 3 hour layover in Chicago. Naturally I am eating Chicago-style jumbo dog!

HOLY SHIT! Almost missed my flight to Orlando because of the 2 hour Chicago time difference!

Well..... my plane landed safely in Orlando. And 20 minutes early to boot! Just tried Chick fil A for the first time. Mmmmm!

I'm going to give the others 20 more minutes to get their plane landed or else. Or else. I'll go ape shit. Don't test me.

Just realized I may have coworkers and parents following this and I've already used "shit" 2 times -3 if you count now. I'll try to behave.

At last we are here! Towel Mickey and duck greet us in our room at Port Orleans!

Magic Kingdom day one - off to a slow start and my left eye burns from sunblock.

It's a beautiful day! Big Thunder Mountain! 3rd ride of the trip.

Time for a funnel cake break at Liberty Square!

Day 2 - Starts in..... eh just 5 more minutes.

EPCOT! Next stop Spaceship Earth.

Illuminations: Reflections of Earth! Perfect way to end a great day at EPCOT!

Islands of Adventure! First visit! Yeehaw!!!

Reporting LIVE from Jurassic Park! There's a cute green little lizard at my feet.

Dr. Suess overload!

A visit to the kwik e mart before the simpsons ride at universal studios!

What was once a mango margarita from MargaritaVille - gone in 60 seconds!

Learning about Hollywood make up effects!

Goodbye Universal Studios Orlando! Had a great time! Now back to Disney!

Arthur checking Facebook.

I walked around Universal Studios & Downtown Disney all day and my feet feel like they're gonna fall off! PLUS, MY EAR IS STILL PLUGGED! FML

Typhoon Lagoon today! Surf's up!

Soaking up some partly cloudly sun! Relaxification!

The crazy big wave at the Typhoon Lagoon wave pool! Jump!

Fun! Hang ten!

Eating at Ohana's at Walt Disney World! Holy crap! So good!

I just ate my weight in shrimp at Ohana's at the Polynesian resort! So stuffed I can barely move! FML

Hanging out at Pixar Studios today. Well not the real one but the WDW one.

Conquering the Mountain of Terror! Er- I mean Tower...

Toy Story Midway Mania at Walt Disney Studios! Pixar rocks!

Lights Motors Action! Lots of donuts! Vrrrrrrrrrroooooooom!

Now eating at the Sci-Fi Diner in Disney's Hollywood Studios!

Watching the American Idol Experience at the Studios park. -_-

As a #Lost fanatic I got a meal called LOST: Down the Hatch. Fish & chips -_-

Animal Kingdom all day today & all out of texts. So sadly no more updates. Bye!

One more update- Fantasia Gardens mini golf! So much fun! I won but just barely!

Perfect way to bring this Walt Disney World vacation to an end... watching #LOST on the East Coast before my West Coast compadres! Faraday!

Horrible photo! But farewell Port Orleans! Your mosquitos can't get me now! : (

Stay tuned for more!