Monday, December 28, 2009

Best KFC Evar

Christmases these days are very fleeting. They seem to zoom by as quickly as gopher in a rat race. This year's Xmas was no different, though I did get the Pictionary Man game I wanted from my Secret Santa. It was Chello Bellow! Which is funny because I was her Secret Santa! I gave her a neato pastry chef coat from Charm City Cakes. She loved it.

But the main event happened on the day after Xmas when Timotei and I hosted a Kwan Family Cousins get-together. The cousins came over with food in tow. Timotei made spaghetti. I bought Domino's new recipe pizza. The Oblongs brought a ham. K-mart made fudge. Lee-Leman made a salad. We watched (500) Days of Summer and a million episodes of Beyond Belief: Fact or Fiction. We played Beatles Rock Band and Toy Story Mania and Taboo. Then we all slept over and in the morning I cooked up bacon, Rionheart made scrambled eggs, and Chello Bellow baked up potato skins and red velvet cupcakes.

Then we went to Scandia for a fun-filled day of go-karting, miniature golfing, and carnival rides. And for dinner Timotei and I treated our cousins to Famous Dave's and bought three feasts!

It was two solid days of hanging with the cousins and it was really awesome. Took me back to the days when we all just played together at parties. Can't wait to see how we top this one.

Never riding The Hammer again,