Monday, December 21, 2009

Ghost of December Passed

Interesting how quickly a month passes. Especially when you're not blogging about it.

In a very mysterious manner, I'm just going to toss out there that I need to always remember December 4, 2009 as a very important date in my life.

Okay now, on to more pressing matters. X-mas! This is actually the first year I'm referring to it at all times as X-mas. You know, cuz it's what we agnosticans do. To me the holiday is all about the gifts. However, speaking of which, I'm not in the mood at all to shop for anything. I'm very whatever about it this year.

Perhaps it's because I got the stomach flu just two weeks ago and was in miserable pain with constant diarrhea and stomach cramps. It was the worst sickness I've ever experienced, so far!

But I was in the mood to buy myself a lot of things. I got a buttload more Threadless tee-shirts. I don't need any more clothes! Especially if I'm thinking of moving to Los Angeles next year.

I think I've brought up a lot of vague topics to discuss in the future. We'll see if I ever get to talking about them.