Tuesday, August 09, 2011

iPhone Phone Home

I went back to my blog posts from 2009 and it looks like I never blogged about my iPhone 3GS. How is that possible?

Well in any case, never you mind that I had an iPhone 3GS at all because it's gone. Effing crap dude. This is the first time I've lost a phone and it had to be the iPhone!

Not that I want to remember this low point in my life, but I lost it dancing at the Abbey in West Hollywood. And I got a bruised lip to boot..

I'm using an old phone while I wait for the new iPhone to come out in two months. But seriously, once you go iPhone, you can't go back. This old Samsung Blackjack SUCKS! Winblows Mobile SUCKS!

But I'll deal.

Since I took this little break from my coming out story, I should also say that I've been doing a LOT of planning and decorating for my huge 30th birthday party. It's Harry Potter themed! I'm hoping to have my coming out stuff wrapped up by the 22nd so that I can just look forward to the future!