Wednesday, August 27, 2003

All New Look, Twice the Nonsense

Me Tired. Sleep.

I changed the look of the blogger recently because I was tired of the orange. I'll probably be fumbling with the settings more throughout the next-- however long until I'm happy with the overall look.

A lot has happened since my last entry, but oddly enough, it's all a blank.

Oh yeah. On my birthday, instead of going out to a restaurant with family, I opted to buy an ice cream cake and share it with the entire family, cousins and all (whoever was there).

Erico Suave treated for lunch yesterday for my birthday and got me a Futurama poster that I've been eyeing for a while. Finally, I can check my favorite cartoon off my list of "most needed posters." I also bought the GameCube game "Batman: Dark Tomorrow" for a whopping $15. And, I never really believed it before, but... You Get What You Pay For.

The game sucks. The story and music is kinda cool, but the gameplay is like plucking nosehairs, it's so awful.

And in other news, one of my favorite shows While You Were Out started its second season, but the original host (Teresa Strasser) quit because she was tired of being on the road. They replaced her with some crappy young guy. He's dull and should never host anything. Anyway, I visited and e-mailed her just basically kissing butt. I thanked her for making WYWO a great show and wished her luck in future endeavors. And to my surprise, she e-mailed me back!

Here's what she said:

Ricky -
It's nice to be missed! Thank you.
teresa strasser

ps - I'll be hosting E! News Daily this Monday at 7pm ...

Awwww, so sweet.

Okay, enough of my nerdom. See you in a week or when I get bored.

Rushed so I can hit the hay,