Friday, August 22, 2003

A Very Merry 22nd Birthday to Me... to Who... to Me... oh Me

Yes sir.

Tis my 22nd birthday and I don't feel anything. Should I be? I mean, there's nothing really special about #22 (except that it's one of my favorite numbers).

Well I'm in the process of writing a book. But this time, I'm dead committed. Without anything to do besides find a desk job, I've got nothing to do during the day. I suppose I can finish (or possibly rewrite) Orion's Heart, but I reached a total block in that story... While making the story more lush with tons of background information, I dug myself in a hole and don't know how to resolve it. Then I shelved it and the flow of the story left. I suddenly forgot some important plot points that I wanted to add. This is why you shouldn't try and handle several story tasks at once. At the same time, I was writing my trilogy Book of Shadows. I had the first two parts written and outlined an explosive third finale that would toss in a lot of twists and answer some questions raised in the previous installments. But, I put it on hold and now I've forgotten what I wanted to write. I have the outline somewhere, but I'm stuck in that story also. Maybe I'll just write that... who knows.

So, really no plans for the day. It's hot and I'm tired and lazy and...

You know how hard it is to think up a story???

Almost over the hill,