Tuesday, August 19, 2003

Maybe I Need a Remembrall

Monday night (Tuesday morning) and I find myself unable to hit the hay just yet.

As I was rereading some of my more recent entries, I realized... HEY! I never talked about El Torito Grill!

So, here goes:

Last Thursday, Angel Wing Jasmine and I decided to check out the El Torito Grill that rests on top of a hill overlooking the 57 freeway (exit Lambert, turn left and up the business district). We were curious to see how it differed from plain ol' El Torito, so I decided to treat.

The place sucks.

Well, if you had a choice to go to El Torito or El Torito Grill, choose the former because basically, it's a nicer place to dine and it's got better food and selection. First of all, you don't get delicous chips and salsa at the "Grill." Instead, they give you flour tortillas with salsa, chipotle, and some butter lump. That's fine and all, but I'd rather have fresh chips. Angel Wing Jasmine got the Romaine salad which was a giant block of lettuce chopped up in front of her. I got the ribs, which were good, but didn't look good. It looked like something out of the Flintstones or straight out of a sick pig's corpse. Overall, the experience was mediocre and I wouldn't want to go back.

And by the way, after El Torito, we went to Disneyland (big surprise) and we saw Patty McCakes once again! I asked her if she got her compliments, but she hadn't yet, and she offered us "great" seating again! Too awesome. We gracefully accepted and the show was just as great as always. Thanks again Patty! We left another compliment for you. You're the best.

Okay, very good. Now, about today...

Today I hung out with Erico Suave, whom nowadays I find myself hanging with once every two or three weeks. It's just that he's always busy with work and I'm, well, at home doing jack sh - -. So Erico Suave called me up yesterday and asks if we could hang out today and I cleared my schedule of nothingness and said "yes."

Usually when we hang out, there really is no set plan. We just take things as they come. So at around 2:30pm, he drove up in his silver VW beetle and we headed off somewhere talking. We ended up going to a new TJ Maxx and Staples.

TJ Maxx was pretty much a bust, but the place was banging. We found some huge XXXL Looney Tunes shirts and... I'm sorry. If you're so big that you need an XXXL shirt, you shouldn't be wearing Daffy Duck on your pocket. What you should be doing is marching your butt to a surgeon for gastrointestinal surgery. In fact, how did you even get out of your bed, let alone your house?

Next we went to Staples and I was determined to buy something to break my last graduation bill. *sob* So we went through the store and laughed about some products (in our old fashioned classic way). Man, I hadn't smelled Elmer's glue since the 4th grade, so I just had to stick my finger in that goop and paste up my hand. I was peeling that sucker for hours! After about half an hour or so, I settled on buying some BIC pens (low cost manufacturer) called "Atlantis" and a set of new metallic Sharpies. I needed the Sharpies to write on some black tapes I have. Plus, I'm obsessed with buying gimmicky pens, if you didn't know already.

After that unneeded shopping, I treated us to Millies! This place was very small, but really charming. We got a cute waitress named Marisa and their menu is fairly large (compared to Denny's crappy, yet tried-and-true menu). I got the popcorn shrimp meal with a vanilla shake while Erico Suave had the chicken dinner. The food was really good. Erico Suave and I had a great time catching up, talking about anything and everything.

After that, we went to see Freaky Friday. I had heard really good things about the movie, so I really wanted to check it out, but no one wanted to see it. I have to say that I thoroughly enjoyed Freaky Friday to death. I was surprised at how funny and charming it is. Lindsay Lohan and Jamie Lee Curtis do a phenomenal job at portraying each other. It's amazing how convincing they are. You immediately accept that they've jumped into each others' bodies. There were many many moments when I couldn't stop smiling or laughing because it's just irresistible. Great great movie. I don't think I've enjoyed a movie this much this year.

Then... after that, we went to Best Buy to see if I could find the new Futurama video game. They didn't have it. But I did buy Downhill Domination instead. It's your basic Jet Moto type game, but one a bike with lots of paths down a rocky mountain. It's pretty fun, but I'm already at a stand still. Stupid hard computer.

Okay, well I think I'll be hanging out very briefly with Erico Suave tomorrow also because Chicago comes out on DVD and we're gonna go to Best Buy so that he can buy it. Maybe I'll find Futurama tomorrow!

Washing the bad taste of the X Games Los Angeles out of my mouth in 3 days!

Riding the walrus,