Sunday, August 31, 2003

Checklist Before the Big (Long) Day

Good evening folks. I am reporting LIVE from my cousin's house, bored out of my mind on a very uneventful Labor Day weekend. Plus it's hot as a hen laying a Playboy centerfold from her pooper. Yes folks... it's THAT hot!

Throughout this past week, I've mentally noted things that I wanted to share with my stalking public (all 2 of you readers), but if you know me... I've got a really bad short term memory. Things go in and out of my head faster than a Playboy centerfold-- nevermind.

But yeah, so I'm really not sure what I've been doing this past week. However, I will try and reiterate as best as possible.

The best thing that happened since Wednesday was my visit from Angel Wing Jasmine. She came down from Riverside and presented me with some birthday regalos. Very nice ones too. She got me some rollerblading gear for when I turn pro (uh...). She got me a SixSixOne helmet that looks really big on me, but that might just be me. But then again, Timotei commented on how big it looks too. And this is shocking because my head is enormous. Well, not really enormous... more gigantic.

She also gave me some kneepads and wrist guards that I've been wanting. So cool and just in time too. Well, maybe just a little late. The week before that, I tried to blade backwards and ended up landing smack dab on my arse and my palms got the brunt of the fall also. So, those wrist guards are going to be saving my hands in the future...

These are really great gifts too because here's my philosophy on gift-giving. The perfect gift is something that someone wants, but would never get. For example, one year I wanted to replace my James and the Giant Peach video because it got all worn and destroyed, but what would I do with two copies if I had purchased it myself. I would never really go to the store and buy another copy knowing that I have another copy at home (that still worked somewhat). So, that birthday, Erico Suave gave me the new J&tGP Special Edition VHS. That's a good gift.

In this case, I needed a helmet and pads, but would never buy it because I just wouldn't justify the cost of those when I can just go out without gear. That's why they're good gifts.

She also got me an awesome pair of board shorts and a hooded sweatshirt from No Fear. They're great and I can't wait till it gets cold out so I can wear the sweatshirt. It has the No Fear logo on the front and down the left arm, it says "Pure MX Technology." Well, I haven't ridden a dirt bike yet, but I sure know the names of some famous riders and their trick names... Heh.

Tonight (or tomorrow morning) at midnight starts the 24 marathon! 24 action packed Jack Bauer Power hours. So don't bother me on Monday (especially around Hours 6 and 15 when Kim has some running time) or I'll have to do that Bauer-run-up-the-wall-spin-crack-your-neck move on you. I think I have everything taken care of on my checklist to survive the 24 hour marathon:

1. Pillow
2. Munchies
3. Bedsore Ointment
4. Coffee
5. Tissues (for See Above)
6. Excedrin

Yup. All set. Now you guys run along and have a safe whatever-this-holiday-is. And for those of you starting school on Tuesday...


Looking for that Playboy centerfold,