Saturday, August 09, 2003

A Morning in Old Town

How long must each of these updates be anyway? Is anyone reading this???

Lee Leman, Timotei, and I went down to Old Town Pasadena today to get a 30% off "Friends and Family" discount at The Gap.

Normally, I hate The Gap. Actually, I still do because they have absolutely no interesting clothes. There was once a time when The Gap had tons of sales items I wanted, skater clothes and junk. But nowadays, they have three colors... white, blue, and pink. Boring, boring, and boring. Well I suppose they have denim stuff, but I'm not into that crap.

So, having the POWER in my hands, I went on a search for something, anything to buy. I found two things. One is a shirt with the number "18" on it. Very plain, very Gap, but it fit well. The second item was a pair of carpenter shorts, khaki color (off the sales rack). Each item would, after discount, hover around the $10 zone, which was reasonable... so I bought them.

And as if shopping at The Gap wasn't bad enough, they gave me lousy lousy service too! Four people stood behind the register counter. The store had been open for only 1 hour, so NO ONE was in line. I walked up to the "form a line" sign and was immediately asked "Are you ready?" The girl at the end (who probably drew the short stick...) cleared the counter in front of her and rung me up. I presented my discount card and she acknowledged it. She rang up my items, but forgot to take the discount, so she had to start again. Then her co-workers started talking to her and she would gossip back and laugh and laugh. Meanwhile, I stood there just smiling. Then the phone rang and she raced to pick it up before her co-workers could, and she laughed in triumph when she did... the bitch was getting on my nerves (pardon my language). Anyway, after about 3 minutes, she finally rang my items up and I paid with a $100 bill because that's all I had. You wouldn't believe how long it took her to get my change! She almost gave me $75 in all fives too!!!

Finally, she was done, I walked up and said to Timotei, "Could they take any longer?" as a manager headed up the stairs with us. I hate The Gap and this experience did nothing to remedy that... but hey; they gave us free CostCo muffins and Tampico orange juice for what it's worth.

Well, I had a better experience at Urban Outfitters. Mainly because I found some good sleeveless undershirts that were marked down to $4.99 with an extra 50% off. $2.50 for a shirt! Such a kick butt deal.

And I also bought a smoothie.

So the grand total for the day was $33.59. Not bad by my standards.

X Games Los Angeles in 7 days!

Penny pinching and Gap bitching,