Friday, September 05, 2003

My Shoulder is Killing Me and How I Almost Died

The day after riding isn't very fun. I was fricken sore. I mean from head to toe in pain. It sucked.

But as is my new motto: If it hurts you, it only makes you stronger.

Yesterday, I went to Disneyland with Angel Wing Jasmine. Man, I can't remember why I EVER went to Disneyland during the summer. Immediately after Labor Day, BOOM, no more crowds. The park was empty and it was our plan to ride everything that we normally wouldn't be able to because of the horrendous lines.

My soreness was rapidly disappearing, but my shoulder was still proving problematic. It HURT!

Anyway, we went into DCA first and went on Soarin' Over California. Quick story: The line was like 10 minutes long. We got our row assignments and the preshow was ending, but for some reason, technical difficulties prevented us from riding. We were then moved to the other theater. All in all, we spent an hour at Soarin'. That sucked. But we did get to see Jon Voight cut in front of everyone and get seated in the coveted B1 section. Old fart.

After that, we went to Disneyland and rode Indy, Pooh, Big Thunder Mountain, Alice, Matterhorn, Small World, Roger Rabbit, Snow White, and Pinocchio. Each ride had very little to no wait.

So if you're going to Disneyland, go when everyone else has to go to school and work because there's no better time to go.

We got back early last night, so I spent the rest of the day putting up the new Route on my site. Check it out!

When I woke up today, I quickly heard the news about the accident at Disneyland. A train vehicle on Big Thunder Mountain derailed at the end of the first drop. One person died and others injured. I can't help think that that could have been me, since I had ridden the ride just 17 hours before. But the families of the victims have my condolences.

And who knew? The Debster's warnings about roller coaster rides were right. Go figure.

Escaping Death's master design... now he's after me,