Wednesday, September 10, 2003

New Shirts, No Shoes, Snotty Service

I've been reading my poem from Sunday over and over and I can honestly say that I'm feeling better. So rest assured you two... I'm going to be alright.

On Sunday night, I talked to Angel Wing Jasmine who assured me that she would do everything she could to make me reach what I feel to be the best of my ability. I'm sure I'll take her up on those offers in the near future.

Monday afternoon saw a trip down to Riverside for some clothes shopping with AWJ. When I got to her place, she gave me many LBZ stickers, some cereal, and some hard copy photos of my very (very) first ride on her dirt bike. Those will be on the site soon. Then she showed me the LBZ banner that her boyfriend jacked for her at one of his shows (and he autographed and personalized it).

Then, we took off to go to the Tyler Mall where I was dead set on buying a new look that reflected a more "going-after-life" side of me. I ended up buying two shirts from Pac Sun (a blue Element shirt and a gray Volcom shirt).

At the mall, I realized that there's nothing better than building your own meal at Mongolian Grill (aka Genghis Khan). The noodles are awesome and just absolutely grubbin'. When you go, just make sure you pile on the pork and beef, bean sprouts, onions, mushrooms, bell peppers, and spicy sauce. Oh god. I'm salivating.

After the mall, we ran a few errands, bought a few stuff from Target, and then headed back to Angel Wing Jasmine's apartment. I didn't stay long there. She was expecting a call from her man BILLY WALLS, so I fled the scene and hurried home.

No one was there. They had all gone to the Oblong's home, so I unloaded my shirts and purchases and drove there for dinner. The only really notable thing that happened was when Em got some juice from The Missy Elliot Girl and when she went to drink it... SPLOOOOSH! The juice fell through the open lid and soaked Em. It was sad, unfortunate, and cute. She was fine though.

Tuesday brought about another day of buying things. First on the list was the 24 Season 2 DVD set, so Timotei and I ran to Best Buy and bought it. Then, because I wanted to buy a shirt from Hollister Co., we went to the Brea Mall. I bought that shirt (and the cashier was hot too... named Adia) and we went to Pac Sun to find some more shirts. They had a "Buy 2 Get One Free" rack, so we spent forever finding three shirts. I got a Vans black shirt. Also of note, we ate Mongolian Grill for lunch!

When we got home, I popped in the 24 special features DVD, watched some of that, ate dinner, then went online to find Erico Suave. He wanted to buy some Abercrombie & Racist Bitch cargo pants and the Sleeping Beauty and Family Guy DVDs, but needed company. I volunteered, even though that would mean ending my day the exact same way it started (Brea then Best Buy).

Long story short, we got to A&F and I realized that I really can't stand their clothes anymore. It's so plain and dull and way overpriced. The workers there aren't at all welcoming or helpful either. They're freakin' snobby and "too good" for us blokes. They're also so damn self-smug in there, thinking everyone wants to wear their shiz, but they can go to hell for all I care. (Yes, I know Hollister Co. is a division of A&F, but the shirts are at least affordable).

Anyway, when we got back to homebase, we learned that Princess Karlita was driving around aimlessly at our old high school in her new Hyundai, so we went to go join her for a bit. When we got there, we met up with Princess Karlita and went onto campus. There were cleaning guys around the school, but they didn't mind us walking around. We reminisced about times past: about how we hated Mrs. Bitch Braveroff; about how we hogged up an entire planter for lunches; about how we spent long hours cooped up in the Publications classroom to finish yearbook and newspaper spreads.

When we made a complete round of the school, we reached the gate we came in from and found it locked. The cleaning crew was done and didn't wait for us (not like they should though). So we had to jump the fence. Erico Suave and I cleared the fence no problem, but Princess Karlita being the sheltered spoiled princess she is :-) couldn't exactly scale the chain links ala Spider-man. So the Princess handed me her slippers and we held both her legs and she came over the top... then we lowered her down. It was quite an adventure, worthy of a teenage-angst follow-up dramatic movie.

Anyway, I'm tired now and have the hiccups, so leave me be. Sorry for boring you all to tears with this entry. I'll try harder next time to entertain.

Wondering what I'm gonna do to get rid of these hicc-- BLAARRRRRRRAAAGGGGGHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!,