Thursday, September 18, 2003

Now There's Nothing Special About Kobe Bryant (Except For That Rape Thing)!

Can I just say something? Well, of course I can.

These past three days have been absolute boredom. They've been boring like a kid cooped up in his house and only occasionally going out to eat leftovers at the Oblong's place... hold up... that's exactly right.

And why? Because Angel Wing Jasmine is hanging out with her brother this week. That means, zero activities for me.

Ask me what I did on Tuesday.


Ask me what I did on Wednesday.


Ask me what I did on Thursday.


Alright. Sorry for those outbursts. I'm just having a small case of cabin fever; stir crazy if you will.

Actually today was pretty fun. Day was sh**, but at 6pm, we went to the Oblong's house for leftover Chinese food. Each time I go there, I take Rionheart's skateboard and try to get better. Today, I did a pretty good job. Went down the driveway that gets pretty good speed. I haven't fallen yet.

Today, I tried to do an ollie (after reading a "how to" guide off the Internet [can you say geek?]). The guide said to kick hard on the tail and keep your legs bent as your go up, then move your front foot forward to guide the skateboard. Okay, how the f*** do you even get the skateboard to jump??? I tried so many times and all I did was hop a little. I think I have to see someone actually do it in like slow motion or something.

Oh well, I really enjoy skateboarding now and really want one. Not sure which to get first now... Aggressive Inlines, Skateboard, or BMX. Anyone know which is cheapest?

Also, when Timotei and I were out there, he offered to teach me how to actually play basketball. I mean, I've played before, shot hoops, yada yada, but never was actually shown/taught how to shoot properly or dribble right. So, Timotei gave me a lesson. I still would probably never play a full on game with people, but I can now shoot so it looks like I know what I'm doing (yet, my precision has worsened).

I have a new hobby. I've taken on a few craft projects while I'm bored. I took one of my favorite riding pictures and scanned it. Then I altered it in Photoshop so that it looks dot matrix-like. Then I printed it out so that it's 20 8"x11" sheets of paper. Now it's a giant poster and it looks bitchin'. I hope to mat them or glue them to canvas or something and mount them on my wall so that it's a giant mural. It's gonna be so awesome.

And my final point, Threat Matrix sucks! The show is too boring for words. I mean, c'mon ABC! I'm trying to lessen my boredom!

Eyeing that gold-digging hotel floozy,