Monday, September 22, 2003

There is More to Life With Chasing Down Ev'ry Temporary High

A HUGE Sunday for me. Big! Whammo!

Allow me to be concise however, I'm tired as a tired bull. That didn't even make sense nor was the least bit hilarious... that's how tired I am.

Day started when I went down to Riverside. I met Angel Wing Jasmine at her apartment and we went to Mongolian Grill to eat. The mission of the day was to look for a decent and cheap skateboard of my own.

We ate, then went to Sports Chalet (which I normally find expensive) and found a skateboard for $30. It was a brand named "Hobie" and wasn't that attractive a board, but I wanted a board.

So I went to the register and the total rang up to $32.31. I had $31.12 in my wallet, but didn't have the rest. So I asked Angel Wing Jasmine if she had any money. When we put together our money, we had $32.30 (my size jeans too), short by a penny. After joking around and being a dumbass, the clerk gave us a penny (probably to shut us up).

We went to SportsMart for kicks, down the street. Jumping to the point, I found a Mongoose skateboard originally marked at $70, but on sale for the same price as the Hobie. So I bought the Mongoose instead.

We then went to Beaumont (20 miles from Riverside) to offroad some. It was a freakin' blast! There were tons of other dirt bike riders chasing us as we went around the hills. We tried getting through ditches and hills that I thought Monstro couldn't get through, but AWJ sure showed me up. Damn, it was so awesome.

After about an hour, we went to another place to offroad that was at the bottom of a range of hills. When we rounded a rockhill, we caught a glimpse of the most gorgeous view of rolling hills I have EVER seen. It was amazing. I have to get pictures of it next time. We had to take mental checkpoints so as not to get lost as we went farther down the road. We found the spot where Billy Walls practices his freestyle jumps and then went back. It may sound corny, but we were seriously on top of the world.

We then took my skateboard to the "Disneyland" Transportation Hub #1 at UCR and skated around a little. Since I'm trying to do an ollie on the board, I named my skateboard "Ollie."

Anyway, while trying to kick hard on the tail to make the board jump, it rolled away from me and kicked me up into the air. I came down hard face first to the ground and just laid there for a moment. Angel Wing Jasmine came to my aid and then chased down my skateboard. When I got up, I realized I was bleeding at my elbows. I looked at it and it was just a road burn. We went back to her apartment and I realized there was a huge circular wound bleeding from beneath my elbow. I bandaged it and we went off to Margaritaville, San Bernardino.

When we got to the bar, there was no one! We got a few drinks and just hung out. Later on, we played a game of pool (in which we both sucked, but it was fun anyway). Anyway, I had a Scooby Snack to start off while AWJ had a shot of Crown Royale Scotch and chased it down with a Scooby Snack. The Scooby Snacks taste like yogurt or ice cream or something.

After that, I still wasn't feeling it, so we each got a shot of Crown Royale and another round of Scooby Snacks. This was my first shot of hard liquor, so I was a little afraid, but it went down smooth. The bartender, Carrie, who is hot and looks like Christina Aguliera, but hot, poured too much into the shaker (because we asked for the shot chilled), so she let us have the rest (which amounted to 3 more shots). I downed another shot and then took the last one for a total of 3 Crown Royale shots. After that, I still wasn't feeling it much, so we each got a shot of Johnny Walker Black and ANOTHER Scooby Snack. That got me f***ed! I was totally out of it, but having fun with it, and had to piss like mad!

After we talked it up for a while, danced to some songs, complained about Billy Walls, and sobered up, we left and went back to Angel Wing Jasmine's apartment. I rested for a bit, then left and got home.

Bleeding and bruised, but feeling more alive than ever,