Monday, September 15, 2003

Now There's Nothing Special About Tony Hawk!

The weekend went by quick. So quick, in fact, that I'm not even sure what played out on Saturday.

Oh wait. It's coming back to me now. Something about sitting around the house on my lazy ass doing jack crap (and taking them too). But there was ONE shining moment.

Angel Wing Jasmine (whom I'm sure all of you are tired of hearing about) stopped by and took me to The Block in Orange to kill some time. I never noticed just how many good stores there are in that place! We made our way around the complex and I got some Quiznos (Mequite Chicken with Bacon [because bacon makes everything 19% better]) and a Strawberry Tsunami smoothie from Jamba Juice (basically strawberry lemonade which was much too tangy and sweet for my taste).

We went into some of the stores like IS, No Fear, Tillie's, Ron Jon's, and... er... Old Navy and there are so many damn things I want. Which brings up the recurring issue: Finding a Job.

I needs the moola moola moola moola moola moola moola moola.

Anyway, we left there pretty early and I returned home. AWJ had to get ready for her little Billy date. So that left me at home watching repeats of Trading Spaces and that new show Clean Sweep (which is surprisingly boring). Yada yada yada... night over... I went to sleep.

Sunday saw an early rise (haha) for Cousin Spacey's 18th birthday party. I brought my rollerblades and also my helmet and pads because I wanted to take a stab at skateboarding.

Samantha Wu was there, so that meant taking care of the Oblong family dog, Sparky. We took him out walking down our usual path (and by usual, I mean the path we've taken twice before). Long story short, Sparky took a massive dump. Massive. It stunk to holy hell, it was so massive. So I made Samantha Wu pick up the dumplings with useful garbage from a nearby trash can, ala MacGyver. That marked the end of our trail. We headed back, I carried the poop back to the Oblong's house and we disposed of it legally.

After that, we went rollerblading/skateboarding on their tennis court. I strapped on my protective gear and for the first time, really tried to skateboard. And you know what? It's not that hard at all. When you have the goods to take away the fear of falling and injuring yourself, when you take away that vulnerable feeling, you can do just about anything. What had initially prevented me from skateboarding was the wobbly feeling while standing on the board and the fact that you're standing on something with wheels that can easily slip away from you (unlike rollerblades). So I did that for like 7 minutes, learning how to position myself so that I'm stable while turning and trying to change the skateboard's direction by stepping on the tail and turning it. I think I need a skateboard now. I'm gonna try an ollie one day soon.

We (Agent J, Agent K, and I) continued rollerblading after for a long while. I discovered, by accident, a new way to turn around that gives me more speed. I put my left foot forward and my right foot behind and extended to the left, which spins me in a circle. Then I just jump and kick the blades around so that I'm skating backwards. It looks kinda cool and actually feels like a pro trick, but I'm far from that. I gotta get me some aggressive inlines first. Then I can tackle some grinds. I think I'm gonna build a skatepark for myself.

One last thing of note: When I got back home, I took a shower and found that a rash had broken out across my chest and back. It's gone today, but I'm not too sure what caused it. Right now, I'm kinda thinking that Sparky might have something to do with it. But then again, I was sweating like two strangers on a blind date getting mauled by a bear. So it could have been the sweat.

Drinking a Sex on the Beach with a splash of bacon,