Sunday, October 26, 2003

Ashes Just Fall to the Ground

Welcome to fire season.

It's miserable down here in California; the air is shoddy, there's ash everywhere, it's dark and just disgusting. Just the other day, we were watching the fire burn up in distant mountains from the Oblong's place. It seemed really cool then. But knowing that it's fast approaching and could hit cities like Riverside or Chino... I don't know. When are these fires going to end?

Yesterday, my mom told me the oddest thing. She told me that I should go back to school for a film degree. She said she would totally support me through it, which I knew to be true with whatever I would do. It's just weird to me. A week ago, I was thinking that I should get a job that I don't want because I went into a major that I didn't have any passion for, and how I wasn't thrilled at all about the thought of sitting at a desk doing accounting stuff all day. But now, wow, how simple things turn around. I can actually go to school and learn something that I really want to learn, do stuff that I do in my free time anyway. Is that crazy?

I looked up the film program at Cal State Fullerton and am thinking of enrolling there. I'm scared though. Don't really know why, but I am.

One last detail: I dreamt up an interesting story idea last night about a homeless man sitting on a park bench. I'm working out the story details right now, but I'm really looking forward to making it a short story to add to my little collection.

More details later. But right now, back to the plot outline.

Approaching writer's block at the denouement,