Wednesday, January 21, 2004

A Warm Welcome Back to Those of You Who Made It


La La La!

I'm back from zee Florida trip and I don't really feel like totally recapping the entire trip (nor you with reading it), so I'm just gonna highlight different things.

The plane flight wasn't bad at all. The only thing that sucked was the two stops (making for 3 take offs and landings) and also the fact that we had to sit apart for the longest leg of the flight. Everyone wants the damn window or aisle seat.

I sat in between an older baldish man from New Orleans and this kinda scary looking skinny man. I just listened to music and read The Da Vinci Code through the whole flight. The older baldish man talked to me for a little bit about how much he loved The Da Vinci Code. The kinda scary looking skinny man just sat in his seat, staring out the window. He just looked scary, but was actually nice when the flight landed.

We went to Magic Kingdom first and it was empty on an off-season Wednesday. We basically finished the park by 4pm, leaving us time to go see La Nouba (Cirque du Soleil) at Downtown Disney. The new ride, Mickey's Philharmagic, was awesome! Best 3-D show out there. It's just really charming and beautiful.

Then La Nouba! It was fantastic! Just awesome. The music is great and the acts have so much variety. My favorite was these little asian girls who do tricks with Diablos. They were so amazing and made me so proud : ) The music was awesome as well... so I bought the soundtrack.

The next day, we went to Epcot. We rode the new ride, Mission: Space, first. It was okay. Not as intense as I thought. But it was still fun. We explored the park for the whole day and ran out of things to do. Then we saw Illuminations, the nightly fireworks show, which was awesome as always.

Next day was Disney-MGM Studios day. It got crowded because of a stupid college cheerleading competition. So there were annoying bubblegum poppers everywhere. We hit Tower of Terror 4 times that day. Love that ride! Then saw Fantasmic! that night up in the front row. We got drenched.

Saturday, we had to hit Animal Kingdom in the morning and then go to Magic Kingdom for Spectro Magic (the nighttime parade) and Wishes (the firework show). So we blazed through Animal Kingdom, which I love now, and did a few things. But while we were there, we figured that coming down to Florida and seeing La Nouba only once was kind of a waste. So we called for tickets. We got tickets (all seated separately) for the 6pm show and left Animal Kingdom early to see it. The seats weren't as great as the other ones, but they were still good and the show was still awesome. After the show ended, we had to run to Magic Kingdom and made it just in time to watch Wishes and then Spectro Magic.

On Sunday, we hit Magic Kingdom again to finish off some things we couldn't finish on Wednesday like Pirates and Tiki Room: Under New Management. We ended up playing there for a long time before deciding we wanted to ride Tower of Terror again. We went to Disney-MGM Studios for a quick ride on Tower, then took a boat to The Boardwalk Resort and a bus to Downtown Disney to hang out at Disney Quest.

At Disney Quest, they have a bunch of Virtual Reality/Interactive games. The coolest was a game called Pirates of the Caribbean: Battle of the Buccaneers. You stand on a boat with 6 cannons (3 on each side). One person steers the boat while the others use the cannons to rapidly fire cannonballs at other boats to steal their treasure. The action is all around you and it's the most fun game there.

They also have a thing called Cyberspace Mountain where you design your own roller coaster and then actually ride it in a simulator. That was cool and extremely popular, but it got me sick.

Then Monday was our "finish-up-Animal-Kingdom-and-back-to-MGM-for-more-Tower-of-Terror" day. We ended up going on Tower 7 times during the course of our trip. That ride is so much freakin' fun!!!

I got four rolls of film for a future Route and I will definitely get those pictures developed sooner than my Winchester Mystery House photos. So bear with me... there will be an update on my site very soon... finally.

Jag lagging and slacking,