Tuesday, May 11, 2004


I don't know if you remember, but a few days ago I saw the weirdest thing go down in the Los Angeles River. A helicopter and two cops were chasing a pimpmobile. My explanation: they was blocking a scene for a movie or something. Well, that next Sunday, FOX 11 news reported that a show was filming in the LA River and startled people (because they used fighter jets and blew up a helicopter). An instant flag went up in my head. Could this be the same thing???

Well, it turns out that it was 24 that was filming and they aired that episode tonight. Freakin' AWESOME episode by the way!!! Anyway, they didn't show a helicopter/cop car chase under bridges though. But what other show could have been filming down in the LA River? I think they might have been testing out the possibilites of filming in the river. So, yeah, I'm still convinced that I watched 24 being rehearsed down there... and that's why I love LA.

And in a related story, riding the train home today, we saw three cars (very nice) spinning donuts in the water, around a photographer snapping pictures as it splashed about. I'm surprised at how much goes down down there. I thought that river was only good for carrying our collective craps down to the ocean, but I was wrong.

And I just realized that Paula Abdul couldn't really sing! I remember her being a lot better, but all her songs sound extremely synthesized. Shame.

Killing one childhood joy at a time,