Saturday, May 15, 2004

Where Depression's Just Status Quo

The work weeks go by so slow. Must... endure... for the... moola.

Anyway, this week at work, I spent a lot of time staring out of the high rise building window at the E3 (Electric Entertainment Expo) video game convention. I watched for three days as a whole mess of people got to see new games and systems unveiled. I hate them all. I wanted to go. I want to see the new Playstation Portable. I wanted to see video game junk. But alas, nope. I had to work. Plus, I think you need to be invited or something. Well, just for that, I'm not gonna invite any of those E3 Conventioneers to my fancy shindig. So there.

But one cool thing that happen was a military helicopter show. I guess the military was doing a demonstration of their chopper and it came flying by each convention day. It was cool seeing a helicopter fly at the same level you are at; it's just kinda weird. Anyway, it flew around in circles and came pretty damn close to our building. Pretty crazy shizmo.

Also, I ate my first Tommy's burger! It was pretty damn good. I think it gave me diarrhea though because yesterday at the gym, my stomach started rumbling with violent poop. Anyway, I got a cheeseburger combo with chili cheese fries and a bottle of cherry pepsi. It's quite an experience in itself eating at Tommy's. Well, maybe eating at the original one, as we did. You just grab your burger and stand at a counter and eat your grub. No chairs; nothing. Just you and the food.

This weekend starts my very ambitious "Summer Whiz Bang VavavaVooooom Boom Scootie McFlume" series of things to do. It starts with Urinetown on Sunday. Stay tuned... there may be some more additions to the series... perhaps a certain show about big hair and spray...

AND... the summer series might just end with a huge kabang! It's not for certain yet, but it looks as if I'm headed back to Walt Disney World.

Loving everything (including the fact that I now know how to add pictures to my blogs),