Thursday, May 06, 2004

Smother the Mothers Day!

Firstly, lemme just say Happy (belated) Fifth of May Day for all my hispanico brothas out there! Can I getta wha wha?

Please don't. You're embarrassing yourselves.

Okay, now that that's over with, I'mma tell you guys about something cool I did at work today.

The thing at work is that I have four mothers. It's been the running gag even before I started working there. It's so because my mom works with me and the other two co-workers in our immediate department (they also helped a lot in getting me the job) are female. So they're all my mothers looking out for me. I also got "adopted" by our sweet mail lady.

Just about every morning, they bring me something to eat for breakfast.

Nothing really to that little tidbit. I just wanted to boast.

So anyway, with Mother's Day coming up this Sunday and all, I thought I should definitely take the opportunity to do something nice. I mean, it was sort of a given. So yesterday, with my mom's help, I went to CostCo to get a bouquet of flowers and then to a Chinese bakery to get a grand cake.

This morning, I gave each of them 3 flowers each, which they loved, and we cut the cake after lunch. The cake made me feel a little dizzy for some reason (my guess is a bad kiwi). Anyway, they loved it and were surprised. I think my mom's a little disappointed that she didn't get the opportunity to be surprised, but I have a few plans for her this weekend. She'll see.

On another note, as always, the final episode of Friends is on tonight. I still remember the first time I watched Friends. I think the first episode I saw was the One where Chandler gets trapped in the bank with the hot model chick. Man, it was so damn funny back then. I told everyone about it at school. Then it started going downhill. I remember when the season finales were a BIG deal. They were the greatest cliffhangers TV had ever seen (for my generation anyway) and the talk of the town for the summer. I think after Chandler and Monica got married, it started getting too comfortable with its own humor... that is, it thought it was funnier than it was. I also think Chandler got incredibly unfunny after he got fat. Odd huh? And then there the fact that Ross got married too many times and then became just a little too neurotic to watch. He was striving to be funny by the way he acted, rather than the situations he was put in. And Monica got too loud and obnoxious.

Anyway, all in all, I think it has gotten better in the previous seasons, but I'm really glad it's finally ending; and on such a perfect season count too. Season Ten. I'll definitely be watching tonight and who knows, maybe I'll be sad.

But I'm already sad, if you really want to know. In a couple of hours, I have to go back to work. That depresses me. Not so much the work, although the days have their ups and extreme downs. It's just the fact that I no longer have much time at all for myself. I used to be bugged by Disneyland because I went so much, but I miss it now. It's probably because I'm dying to ride Tower of Terror again, but I really want to go. Having conflicting schedules with my friends doesn't help neither. It just plain sucks.

Well, I've bored you enough about my jolly problems. I guess things could be a lot worse.

I could drop my iPod for one thing.

Without wax,