Saturday, July 17, 2004

Blogger 2.0
Check this mother out! recently upgraded their service or something.  Now, it's easier to bold and stuff and you can add color and increase font size!
Pretty cool, but one thing that I still can't do is upload pictures.  Well, it's just that lousy geocities doesn't allow me to link picture files that I upload to html.  I've tried it on several occasions and sometimes it works, but 98% of the time, it doesn't.  So, recommends some photo download software, but I don't want another photo editing program.  I already have Photoshop.  I just need a home to upload my crap!  Doesn't anyone understand???
So here's a birthday wish of mine (though it isn't my birthday today, in fact, it's MacArthur's and Disneyland's).  Recently Yahoo! Mail upgraded their free e-mail service.  Instead of allowing a laughable 4MB of e-mail per account, they now offer a whoppin' 100MBs!  That's insane, but still not as righteous as Google's G-mail service (of which I have an account) that offers 1 GB of e-mail storage!  Yahoo!, get with it.  Anyway, the point is... if they can upgrade e-mail service, I'm really hoping they will upgrade free website hosting space.  Right now I have three accounts to maintain The Routes.  Each account only gives me 15MB of file storage.  That's like 3 Routes with all the pictures.  So, anyway, that's my wish.  Or maybe I can just get a kickass server and upgrade the site entirely.  I do want to eventually turn my site into a Flash based site, but that's way into the future when I actually care more.
Okay, few things.  Today marks the end of my first week of using Proactiv.  I am currently working on my report and it will be up most likely tomorrow.  It will be an ongoing study, so you will see the effects of the system and if it really works or not.
Secondly, I'm going to get drunk at Erico Suave's place tonight.  MacArthur is having a birthday get-together and I'm hoping some of my old Disneyland co-workers will be there (and hopefully recognize me).
Thirdly, I'm stoked to watch the next episode of The 4400 on USA Network.  The first installment premiered last week and was just awesome.  It's about 4400 people who were abducted by aliens and return suddenly and they have been given some super human powers and must adjust to their regular lives after being away for so long.
Fourthly, I went to Abercrombie & Fitch earlier today to get MacArthur's birthday gift and, well, firstly (or is this fifthly), the music is just way too goddamn LOUD in there!  They're nuts.  They're dumb.  It's waaaaaay loud.  You can even hear it from across the mall.
And secondly/sixthly, my theory was kinda correct!  Well, being that it's a Saturday and it was pretty busy at the mall, there was barely anyone in the store.  Well, in the back there were some ladies browsing, but all the guys in there were employees of the store.  So, I'd say this is a good sign that the store's popularity (or possibly just its uniqueness) is dying down.  Or maybe they just can't find their way into the store with all the tables and such blocking the path to get in.  Whatever, they're morons.
Apologizing if I've offended anyone with today's rant,