Monday, July 19, 2004

Slight Delay
I was extremely busy this past weekend.
I started writing up my Proactiv results on Saturday, but then ended up going to Erico Suave's place for MacArthur's  birthday.  They invited a bunch of Disneyland friends over and we drank and drank.  I was introduced to downing a peppermint schnapps shot and then sucking down some chocolate syrup and shaking it up in your mouth.  It tastes just like a York Peppermint Patty.  Anyway, I was pretty f-ed up at the end of the night and the rest of the party is a blur.  Not really, I remember everything, but am a little iffy about the details.
Anyway, then on Sunday, I went to see A Cinderella Story which wasn't good.  The movie is too hyper cute and isn't even funny.  I'll give it the fact that there were some parts that were too charming not to smile, but overall, the movie made me roll my eyes A LOT.  And it took forever to end.
So, that's why I wasn't able to finish my Proactiv update.  So I'm just going to hold off on it till this coming weekend.  Then, at that time, there will be two weeks of usage to review.
Something that also slightly pertains to this topic, I was riding the train today and while passing a street, I saw that a fire truck had its lights flashing and had to wait for us to pass.  HA!  We had the right of way over a fire truck sucka!  That's probably not a good thing to boast about, seeing as someone's house probably burned down as we were holding the truck up, but I found it empowering.
Sweatin' it out to I Love the 90's,