Monday, July 12, 2004

Proactivists... Unite!

Greetings fellow cannibals!

I have news from the underworld! I am officially on the Proactiv Acne Treatment thing (you know, the thing I should have been on since the 10th grade). Now, Vanessa Williams thinks I'm cool. That now doubles the number of people who think I'm cool! And that ain't not bad.

Anyway, I told a couple of people already that I'm doing the whole expensive Proactiv thing and their response was "You have acne?"

YES! I have acne. I've had break outs and pimples here and there, but there wasn't really a long time (maybe a month at most) that I went without a single pimple. They bug and they suck and any other synonym for "suck" and "bug." Look it up in a thesaurus for me.

But here's the kicker. I'm going to document my results! That's right, let's see if this stuff really works. I promise I won't cheat. This will be a totally scientific research experiment (complete with thesis and hypothesis)! So make sure you visit The Routes in the near future for the most unflattering shots of me you'll ever see (unless of course you're that stalker snapping pictures of me from outside my window right now. YEAH YOU! GET THE HELL OUT OF THERE!!!).

And perhaps if my findings are positive, even you may feel less apprehensive about spending $60 on three bottles of soap.

Proactivating farewell message... NOW!