Saturday, July 10, 2004

Downgrading Disneyland

Well, it ain't no Disneyland, but I guess Universal Studios will suffice.

Tomorrow, my Disneyland annual pass expires. This is the first time I'm not going to be able to get into Disneyland whenever I want in around 10 years!

Why am I not renewing it, you ask? Mainly because I don't want to pay the $200 to renew it. Plus, with Angel Wing Jasmine moving up north again, I probably wouldn't go as often to justify its price. Plus, I'd have to pay for it myself, and well, frankly, I'd rather get something cooler. Can you say iPod Mini?

Okay, maybe not an iPod Mini, but possibly a digital camera.

But anyway, I may end up getting a new annual pass when the 50th Anniversary celebration kicks off. Or if I don't have the Punky Power to resist the urge to go to D-Land, I may renew in October when the Haunted Mansion Holiday returns.

Okay, so today, I went with Angel Wing Jasmine to Universal Studios Hollywood to try out the new Revenge of the Mummy ride. I heard a lot of negative reviews of the ride, so I wasn't expecting much. We went before the park opened and they make you wait an extra thirty minutes after official park opening before opening the Mummy ride. Now for the review...

The ride was surprisingly good! The line is themed pretty well; your typical Egyptian tomb with cave drawings and such. The story is that as long as there's darkness, the mummy shall reign... and that's what happens during the ride. There is a solar eclipse, so the mummy is wreaking havoc in his own tomb, which for some reason you are exploring.

The coaster car moves forward where you see some scarab beetles, a bunch of living undead mummies, zombie hands reaching down at you from the ceiling, and then Imhotep himself proclaming, "YOUR SOULS ARE MINE!"

Then it zooms you into the fast coaster portion and I must say that it is really fun. You get some good airtime during the sharp turns. Then it stops and then continues backwards until you reach the firey end. It's a lot of fun and I wasn't disappointed.

We also rode Jurassic Park, the tram tour, Terminator 2: 3-D, the sound stages, and the Van Helsing maze. But the park gets so damn packed that it sucks. There are a lot of dumb people there, incredibly annoying people who just get on your nerves. I've found that it's damn near impossible to just sit down, get comfortable, and hang out in that park. The park is dirty and ugly looking and feels ghetto. But it does have a few good rides. Bottom line is that I'm gonna have to suffer through this crap for a year because I bought an annual pass for Universal Studios because it was only $10 more than the park admission price. Actually, I'll probably just never go again.

One last thing of note... There's an Abercrombie & Fitch store at CityWalk and we went into it. There was NO ONE in there. I was browsing the store and found that all their stuff is all the same looking from years ago. So I came to the hypothesis that Abercrombie & Fitch is losing popularity. It just seems like everyone, I guess, has a closet full of Abercrombie looking clothes already and doesn't need to spend $50 for another rugby shirt. All there stuff is exactly the same and boring at this point (though I did see some new pink shirts to reflect the new guy trend that The Gap is trying to establish. Yeah, good luck with that losers).

So, if A&F is losing steam, I'm happy for it. Even though I own a few Abercrombie articles of clothing, their crap was always overrated and way overpriced. Plus they're racist pieces of sh**. And stuck up too.

But then Angel Wing Jasmine assured me that Abercrombie was out and that the new "thing" is Von Dutch. No offense to anyone, but whoever wants to spend so much for a stupid trucker hat is just plain retarded. They're stupid. And so are the hats.

Oooh BURN!

Sun burning,