Friday, July 09, 2004

Kinda Spooked and Unnerved

I'm a little on edge tonight. Something doesn't feel right.

The day started out fine. We went to work on the train, drove through the cardboard box neighborhood (some of those homes are really glamorous), went to work (half-day), went back to the train.

I was listening to music (Me and the Moon by Something Corporate) while sitting in the train, waiting for it to depart, when I heard a faint screaming, as if someone drilled a nail through a man's foot. This was not your typical roller coaster scream, but a truly excrutiating shriek of horror. Well, I didn't think that at first; I shrugged it off naturally. But I heard it again. The same scream, same faintness, same pitch, same man. I turned around, but nothing was out of the ordinary. Of course, it sounded as if it were in the next train, behind closed doors, so maybe something was going on that was unseen by me. When I heard the screaming for the third time, I asked my mom if she heard "that," but she didn't know what I was talking about.

I then thought it might be from the song, so I rewound it to a point where I heard the screaming, but it wasn't coming from the song.

Fast-forward to 20 minutes ago.

I went to get our mail (because no one will freakin' get it but ME dammit); and I went in my sweats, but that's besides the point. As I was making my way up the hill to the mailbox, the street lamp that I was approaching went out. Now to be fair, this has happened many times before, but I always get creeped out when it occurs. THEN, now here's the kicker, I heard that same screaming again!!! I hadn't been thinking about the screaming from the train, but when I heard the screams from 20 minutes ago, it freakin' chilled my spine! I seriously froze.

The screaming was coming from either a house or behind a house, same faintness, same pitch, same nail through the foot.

And just to make things sound a little more weird, as I ran up to the mailbox, a black cat crossed my path and the street.

I really don't know what to make out of all this. I'm reminded of that Twilight Zone episode, Twenty-Two, where the stripper girl keeps dreaming of these sounds and her going to door number 22 (a morgue) where a lady beckons her, "Room for one more honey." Only, this isn't a dream. So perhaps, I suppose, I may cross paths with this "screaming man" in a nightmare. Maybe I'll be the one impaling the nail through his foot.

I just have this bad feeling right now. Something's not right.

So be careful everyone out there. Watch out for nails and all the such. And don't say I didn't warn you because I forsaw bad happenings and they will come.

I'm serious,