Monday, July 05, 2004

A Year Ago Today

How quaint. Two blogs ago, we celebrated our 100th blog entry here at the ranch and now here we are celebrating the one year anniversary of blogging! Who knew I’d actually keep up with this and write a bunch of my thoughts down and stick with it for a year?

Well, not me, that’s for sure. I have this thing about always quitting stuff. I quit swimming way back when. Also, the Boy Scouts became a victim of my borderline Attention Deficit Disorder. Gymnastics also got the ax, along with baseball, soccer, and miniature golf (I used to be the king).

So I guess it’s kind of an accomplishment typing these out for a year now (and in general, updating my site. That anniversary passed a while ago. I just never keep track). Even though my blog entries became pretty scarce at times, I never gave up! And you shouldn’t either! Chase your dreams and you’ll go far and so on with all that inspirational mumbo jumbo.

Bah! There will be time for that later. Drink a beer in honor of me today. Just don’t drive afterward. There are plenty of cops on the road.

Keep Bloggin',