Friday, August 20, 2004

I Like Cheese

Actually, I'm pretty indifferent about cheese. I do enjoy provolone once in a while, but I just couldn't think of a title for this entry.

Is anyone watching the Olympics? The only things that really interest me are the gymnastics and some diving. Swimming was kinda cool to watch at first, but how many damn categories do they need to award? And that Michael Phelps guy... who cares.

Anyway, my birthday is creeping up this Sunday and I'm turning twenty-three. Jesus, that sounds old. That's like two years older than the cool age. Jesus.

But oh well. Growing is growing. What's the next age to look forward to anyway (after twenty-one)? Is it sixty-five so I can collect some Social Security junk (when there is none left)? Okay, I'll look forward to age sixty-five then. That's not too far away.

I gotta warn my reader about products that suck. Firstly, Cingular (highlighted in a previous blog) sucks. If you thought their service sucked, wait till you try to cancel and face the wrath of their customer service. Well, just make sure you make absolutely clear that you want to cancel all your phone lines when you want to cut off your service and move to a way better company *coughVerizoncough*. And remember that Cingular requires a thirty day advanced warning before cutting your service. LAME!

And I bought a new pair of headphones because I was scared my iPod earphones wouldn't last through my next WDW trip this September. So I went to Best Buy and grabbed one of the only brands offered (Best Buy doesn't have much of a selection when it comes to basic earphones... well my local Best Buy anyway). The brand I bought was Koss and they were five dollars. The packaging claims that the earphones are light in ear and that there's some sort of frequency distribution for better sound. LIES! The earphones are clunky. There is no shape to it, so it doesn't fit inside my ears. And because it's heavy, the earphones fall out every 20 seconds. And the sound quality sucks! I have to turn my iPod volume to 75% to hear my music. These earphones are by far the worst every produced. They suck. I wish I never bought them and you shouldn't either. Stick with Sony.

Okay, I'm going to go relax because it's the weekend. And a special weekend at that. Yup, it's special because the Sunday paper has coupons!

Cutting the cheese,