Monday, September 06, 2004

Labor Day Off

It's weird that it's called Labor Day when it's a day without labor (for most regular shift jobs).

Little Shop yesterday was very very very enjoyable. I really enjoyed this Audrey (Tari Kelly) much better than Kerry Butler in New York, even though I'm sort of biased from meeting her and having my picture taken with her. This Audrey was just so good. I liked both Orins from both productions. They're both pretty perfect in the roles and have tons of fun in the roles. As much as I like Anthony Rapp from Rent, I think he was just overdoing the part of Seymore. He was playing it too clumsy and goofy and bumbly. The Mushnik was fine, but I liked the guy in New York better. And the guys playing the plant were great in both New York and Los Angeles.

We paid a pretty penny to sit in Row A (nearly front row; only right behind rows AA and BB [for subscribers I believe]). It's just that I bought these tickets at the same time I bought the Thoroughly Modern Millie tickets and at that time, the Little Shop tickets weren't officially on sale to the public. So I asked the guy working if he had anything in the front row and he gave me Row A. It's okay that it wasn't truly the front. It was close enough. But the seats were PERFECT for the finale in which the plant extends over the audience and stared at us right in the faces. GREAAAT!!!

After the show, we went thrift store shopping on Melrose. We basically went to Urban Outfitters and Aaardvark's. I found some shirts I wanted at Urban Outfitters, but they were either too close to what I wear now (nothing special) or just too pricey. But at Aaardvark's, I found nine possible shirts which I narrowed down to two. The first was a Raiders of the Lost Ark shirt that fit well. It was kind of too good to pass up. And the other is a vintage Walt Disney World classic Mickey Mouse shirt for the trip.

Speaking of the trip, I just heard the news that ANOTHER hurricane may blast it's way through Florida. Stupid Hurricane Ivan might build up some speed and hit Florida in two weeks, just as our trip is. If that happens, I will forever hate everything forever. And ever. I'm hoping it doesn't materialize in Florida. Hoping hoping hoping hoping hoping hoping hoping hoping hoping hoping hoping hoping.

Spending money at urban skid row,

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