Friday, October 01, 2004

Lost & Round

I've been doing nothing.

Oh hi! Pardon my inactivity. I know I said I would have those Walt Disney World photos up "soon." Hopefully I can work on that this weekend. It's just that, I'm just about completely getting over last week's cold episode (I'm still shootin' snot from my nose).

I've been saying all week that I'm going to go to the gym, but I only ended up going once (just to use the elliptical trainer). So, I'm getting a little handley around the love; basically I'm getting rounder. Well, I'm gonna totally work out hard till I'm skinnier than Kate Moss. Remember her? Is she dead now?

Sidetracked. Anyway, a few updates. I still haven't seen Sky Captain, but I have been deliberately waiting for it to get off the Special Engagement category so that I can use a free movie ticket on it.

I bought Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. Here was a movie that I had read about at least two years ago. When I first heard the premise (Man's ex-girlfriend has a procedure done to erase him from her memory, so he does the same, only to have a change of heart and then attempt to hide memories of her in other memories), it tickled me happy. I thought it sounded ingenius and I knew I wanted to see it right when it came out. I counted down the days till it opened and when it opened, I wasn't able to find someone to see it with. Time passed and it left theaters, so I picked it up on DVD. Anyway, it was really good; shorter than I thought it would be. It's really sweet and thought-provoking. It's a real, as an old friend would put it, mind f***.

I watched the first Presidential Debate yesterday and was so incredibly pleased by John Kerry's performance. He did very well. And all Bush could do was take the lashing and studder his usual "uh... uh... uh..." Vote Kerry! Bush is too stubborn to admit his mistakes, so he'll just keep trying to justify his actions. Meanwhile, foreign countries will continue to hate America because of Bush, therefore we have to get Bush out of office so that America's reputation can begin healing. We can't win the war on terror alone.

My favorite new show of the season is probably Lost. The look of the show is very eye-popping and the characters are all interesting (for the most part). I'm really looking forward to seeing how the secrets of the characters unravel throughout the episodes.

One quick thing about my seemingly abandoned website. I'm going to be stopping the "Highlights" section since I can just post pictures in the blogs now.

Anyway, I'll stop blabbering.

That's my $0.02 and I'm sticking to it,