Sunday, October 03, 2004


This weekend pretty much blew. Well, it blew in the sense that I didn't do anything. Another wasted break from work. The thing about weekends is that if you do something, the weekend goes by too fast. Yet, if you don't do anything, it goes by slower and you can savor the time off, but it feels wasted. This weekend, however, went by fast and I did nothing. That's the suckiest of the suck suck.

Well anyway, I've been on the computer trying to update things on the ol' website. I finally finished that Proactiv report, as if anyone cared anymore. I'm cleaning up the front page of The Routes by removing the "From the horse's mouth" and "Highlights" sections. I've added some new song quotes to that page too (nothing big). One day, after I learn Macromedia Dreamweaver, I hope to upgrade my site to a Flash based site. But that's in the way way distant future.

Regarding my Walt Disney World report, I had a plan written down, but I can't find that paper, so it'll probably be more of a while, as if anyone cared.

But, I do have something for ya'll. It's a picture of Erico Suave's cute ass puppy dawg.


Her name is Nikita Vernita Brown and she doesn't usually wear shirts like that. She's all about slutty thongs.

Crying over the thought of another work week,