Friday, December 24, 2004

And a Partridge in a Persimmon Tree

It's Christmastime Eve and I still have a murph. But let's get to what you really came here to read... the list.

Charmin - Uncrustables (Just one bite taken)
Lee Leman - Half a dozen squashed cantaloupes
Samantha Wu - The third button down on my tie-dye shirt
Cousin Spacey - My patented Mr. Milk Carton Head (Markers sold separately)
K-mart - A rebate form for my new printer (I need that sent out by January 1st, thanks)
S-Dawg - A brown Vons bag (paper)
R-Man - A beige Vons bag (plastic)
Agent K - A bus schedule for the 78 line
Agent J - My permission to beat up Agent K for his new bus schedule
Lindz - Ten dancing chili beans
Cat - Chocolate covered earphones (Taste the music!)
Missy Elliot Girl (MEG) - A collection of eyeballs from around the world
Rionheart - The left wing of a bird who wanted to fly south to visit her chicks for Christmas, but was sliced in half by a warthog
Cherbear - Failed Origami attempts
Psyman - Varicose veins
Catwoman - Bottled fart
Nick Burns - Gift certificates to Gift Certificates R Us
Erico Suave - A receipt
Princess Karlita - Bee stings
MacArthur - Earwigs!
Meechi - German toes
Angel Wing Jasmine - Steroids and a pink muscle suit

Jolly as a mo fo,

Ricky Claus