Friday, December 10, 2004


It's a little strange, I realized today, that more people read this than I thought.

I was talking to my friend today over the phone (one I haven't talked to in quite some time) and she knew a lot of things about me that I know I never told her about. Well, they were things that I wrote down in this here bloggernal and it just caught me off-guard. I think it sort of does suck when I write an interesting story about myself here and when I go to tell it to people, they've already read about it. It then feels like I have no stories to tell, which makes for some awkward silences. Hmmm. Oh well!

I just got back from Best Buy for some Christmas shopping. It was just Timotei and I going to buy a gift for, well, me, of course. Yesterday, I was talking about having to go buy the 24 Season 3 DVD and Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories because they had just been released. Well, he then told me that he was going to get that for me for Christmas. The thing with buying me a gift is that usually if I want the item, I'll just buy it for myself. So it kinda makes it difficult to shop for me. I suppose I should just not buy anything after Thanksgiving until after Christmas, but I'm just not one for waiting.

Anyway, so we went today and he bought it for me and I bought 24. They also threw in a deal where if you sign up for 8 free issues of Sports Illustrated (or Entertainment Weekly), you can get $4.00 off your DVD purchase, two free sodas, and free popcorn. Seeing as how we already did the same thing for Entertainment Weekly, and knowing how easy it is to cancel the subscription, he did it. So free cokes and an even cheaper DVD set!

Wait till you see what I got Timotei for Christmas. I'm sure he'll love it.

But there are still many gifts to buy! I can't handle it dammit!

Stressed for the holidays,